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Our Massage Practitioners 

Cortney Johnson, LMP

Cortney Johnson is a licensed Reflexologist, Massage practitioner & "The Melt Method hand & foot" self-massage therapy treatment educator.  She graduated from Seattle Reflexology in 2001 after completing her massage therapy license at Brenneke School of Massage in 2000. Cortney's massage style has a smooth rhythmic flow coupled with a strong confident touch. She combines Deep Swedish Massage, Reflexology & private sessions of "The Melt Method hand & foot" self-massage therapy to keep you relaxed and out of pain. 

 Available Sunday through Thursday with flexible hours
60 minutes-$70 Deep Swedish Massage or reflexology
90 minutes-$100 Deep Swedish, Zone Massage or Pregnancy massage
60 minutes-$70 Aroma Bliss :light touch therapy with the application of essential oils
90 minutes-$100 Aroma Zone:light touch therapy with the application of essential oils & Reflexology
30 minutes-$30 "The Melt Method hand & foot" self-massage education
(4) 30 minute session series-$100 "The Melt hand and foot " treatment series

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Unwind and leave your stress behind in this tranquil setting. Discover for yourself relaxing treatments offered by our therapists at Evolve Yoga. We offer massage therapy, Hawaiian Lomilomi massage, Lomilomi Hot Stone massage, Reiki, Shiatsu, and more. You will find the Healing Arts entrance at the west end of the building, enter and find the peace and relaxation you seek. Help yourself to a cup of tea, have a seat and let the outside world fade away.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas. It feels good and it is beneficial to your health. When muscles are stressed, they block oxygen and nutrients, leading to inflammation that builds up toxins in the muscle tissue. A deep-tissue massage helps loosen muscle tissues, release toxins and gets blood and oxygen circulating properly. It is both corrective, therapeutic and helps to relieve chronic pain.



What is Reflexology? It is a wonderfully simple form of natural, complimentary, and holistic healing. It is the use of special techniques to break up and remove blockages in the body and restore proper circulation of blood to any given area.

The focus of Reflexology is on the feet, hands and ears where the nerve endings are located.

Reflexology has been used since ancient times and is now starting to get the recognition it deserves. It seems that everyone loves to have his or her feet and hands rubbed! A Reflexology session is extremely relaxing and stimulating.

Although it is not a substitute for medical care, reflexology has also show to help alongside other medical aids to:

• Creates relaxation

• Reduces pain

• Improves blood flow: increases blood flow to the feet, brain, kidneys and intestines.

• Aids post-operative recovery.

• Benefits mental health: Research demonstrates that reflexology can reduce depression and anxiety.

• More restful night sleep

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses a firm but gentle pressure to improve circulation. It eases muscle aches and tension, improves flexibility, relieves stress and creates a relaxed body and mind. Swedish massage refers to a collection of techniques designed primarily to relax muscles by applying pressure to the muscles and rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. Swedish Massage shortens recovery time from muscular strain, improves circulation and stretches the ligaments and tendons. Swedish Massage also stimulates the skin and nervous system while at the same time relaxing the nerves themselves. As it can help reduce emotional and physical stress it is often recommended as part of a regular program for stress management.



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